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Visit to ‘De Mazenod Door

MMVS visited ‘De Mazenod Door’, a center for providing assistance and food to homeless, marginalized, subjugated and downtrodden individuals / families in the Hamilton region to hand over our 2022 contributions. 
During our visit, Sherri Ramirez, the director of the organization, gave us a thorough tour of their center and parish and explained all the activities they carry out to provide help to those in need.
It was heartwarming to see the dedication and commitment of the volunteers who work tirelessly to provide food and other assistance to those who are struggling. Sherri introduced their volunteers to us, which allowed us to appreciate the efforts of all the people involved in this noble cause.
Overall, our visit to De Mazenod Door was a humbling experience that made us realize the importance of contributing towards helping the less fortunate members of our community. I encourage all of you to support this organization in any way possible, whether through donations or volunteering your time and skills.

Let us continue to show our love and compassion to those in need.

From left : Jiji S. Varghese, 
Rev. Fr. Vineeth V. Kurian, Sherri Ramirez, Tincy Mary Varghese, Daisy Korah 


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